An entrepreneur and highly creative business leader, Eric has been instrumental in disruptive technology innovation for the past 20 years, from the infancy of highspeed Internet to very recent advancements in wireless technology. During his career, Eric has developed and brought to market products deployed, purchased, or acquired by industry-leading public companies including Comcast, Mitel, Windstream, and Zayo. An accomplished musician, Eric artfully blends technical and creative product direction, which has translated into building successful business strategies for a cross-section of companies across multiple industries. 


In the early 90s Eric was engineering and producing records for both domestic and international release, working with both well-known and emerging artists.  After 10 years in entertainment, he took a hiatus from the entertainment business to develop his career in Internet technology and tech start-ups.  Eric has now spent 20 years in technology, while continuing to write, produce and record music. 


As a Senior Consulting Partner for Engine Room 8, Eric is an innovative and intuitive corporate development professional with 30+ years’ experience in entertainment & technology, simultaneously focusing on vision and execution.  Eric has been instrumental in the success of multiple companies, acting as a confidant to C-level executives by providing strategic input, and executing implementation strategies in product development, financial operations and corporate governance.


Born and raised in the Silicon Valley of California, sharpened in Hollywood, and currently residing near Boulder, CO.  Eric is also a rock music engineer-producer and singer-songwriter with dozens of professional recordings to his credit.



I am a Colorado Native who earned her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Marketing from the University of Colorado. After completing my education, I was able to launch into an exciting career in marketing and social media management. I have always dreamed of a way to combine creativity and art into business, and digital marketing was the answer. I bring a fresh, young, perspective to building strong brands and cultivating data-driven strategy. I approach brands like flowers who often just need sunshine, water, and love to flourish. Perception is everything, and telling a compelling story is often the missing ingredient in the "secret sauce" of brand building.

My mission is to catapult your brand into the next level of success, whatever that means to you and your business. I do not believe in a "one-size-fits-all" approach. I can provide a level of personalized service that is unmatched and tailored to your exact needs. I strive to know my clients' business and goals inside and out, so I can provide the best ideas and solutions.

While I'm not working with brands, I am always up to something. You can often find me drawing, lifting weights, hiking, cycling, kayaking, or exploring local eats. Fitness and art soothe my soul and keep the creativity flowing. 

I can't wait to get to know you!