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The Engine Room of your business relies on a constant flow of steam to keep the gears turning.   However, each business is unique with regards to what constitutes the ‘steam’ it needs.  Oftentimes, business growth is stymied because it is unclear what constitutes the primary drivers for growth in a business.  Is it logistics?  Is it processes?  Is it simply capital?  The Steam program at Engine Room 8 will analyze your business and determine what you need to build up a proper head of steam.  The simple answer that many companies determine is that if we just had an infusion of capital, it would solve all of our problems...but, would it?  What if an infusion of capital would just make your actual problems worse?   For example, what if the issue is poor productivity or bad contracts that are siphoning money from your company?  We can help you assess your situation so that you don’t end up borrowing money or garnering investment just to see it disappear without results.

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