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  • Examine your government filings to confirm that you are in compliance with all federal and state regulations. This is not a financial review of your tax filings, but a review of how your business is legally structured.

  • Look at your business to determine if you have the right sized Board of Directors, and if you have the proper Articles of Incorporation and Operating Agreements in place.

  • Examine your governance meeting procedure. We will ensure good minutes are recorded and filed properly. Then, confirm the decisions and policies made by your governing entity are being propagated and implemented in your organization. 


  • Examine all of your contractual obligations with customers, vendors, contractors and employees to assure that you have not created any conflicts of interest.

  • Ensure that all of your contractual commitments are properly structured to incentivize both your business and those with whom you are contracted

  • If damaging contractual agreements are found, ER8 will work with you to rework, terminate, or renegotiate those contracts to align with your growth goals. 



  • Review any contract that you are planning to offer or sign to assure that it is aligned  with your growth goals and will not cause your business to be stifled by a contractual agreement


  • Curating customized contracts for products, personnel, confidentiality, and more.

  • Get your contracts ready for legal review so that legal costs to not overwhelm your cash flow.


  • Set up online systems such as DocuSign to help you digitize your contracts for quick distribution and execution.

  • Provide systems whereby you can know when contracts are expiring and when to re-negotiate, rework, or terminate them for maximum growth potential. 

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